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MIP designs and manufactures level control instrumentation for Oil & Gaz, Chemical and Nuclear customers. Incorporated in 1956, MIP industrial activities were all taken over by TCEM in 2003. This includes :

  • Level switches,

  • Magnetic level indicators,

  • Glass level gauges

  • Manifolds and spare parts upon request

MIP instrumentation is manufactured in our workshop in Le Havre, according to CODAP / ASME / ATEX Standards, and is complying with pressure equipment directive (PED).

MIP Instrumentation is Nuclear Safety classified, is designed and tested as per its qualification level.

TCEM is approved by EDF, French nuclear authority, for the supply of MIP level switches/alarms and Level indicators.

TCEM is a company of the FINERGY Group, involved in the energy sector and industrial critical applications. The Group also includes : LARCO, solution provider in the oil and gas industry, SPN specialist in the processing of high-performance plastic parts. FINERGY has 100 employees , a turnover over 15 M€ and a presence in over 20 countries.


Nuclear, Thermal Power Plants
Nuclear, Thermal Power Plants

TCEM is a reputed supplier in the nuclear industry worldwide, servicing end-users and key accounts. Our field of expertise includes :

  • Alarm level switches, instrumentation, manifolds
  • Expanding tool and equipment for the manufacturing of boilers, exchangers
  • Valve testing

The products are stable and designed to operate in severe conditions. They comply with the application and are conforming to related directives.

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Oil & Gaz, petrochemical

TCEM has developed a solid expertise in the petrochemical industry. Our field of expertise includes :

  • Heat exchanger manufacturing, maintenance solutions
  • Pipes, valves, piping manufacturing and maintenance solutions
  • Alarm level switches and instrumentation
  • Oil storing tank accessories

The products are designed and qualified to comply with the criticality of the application,  and do conform to related directives. TCEM products are reputed for their reliability.

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Industries critiques

TCEM désign & qualifies level instrumentation for critical applications

  • Industrial applications : level alarms and instrumentation for specific and demanding conditions (temperature, pressure, fluid & gaz – ex : bleach)
  • Dams : multi-level surveillance alarms
  • Others