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Standard and custom designs
Pressure up to ANSI 2500
Temperature from –130 to +560 °C (–200 to +1050 °F)
Specific gravity down to 0.43 min.
Interface liquid/gas and liquid/liquid
Switch mechanisms or reed switches
Any type of connection
External chamber, side or top mounting
Carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel base material, PVC, PPH...
Custom designs.

The float or displacer level switches of MIP brand are studied for densities up to 0,43 min. They can stand pressure up to NP 420 and temperatures from - 130 °C up to + 560 °C.

They are built in different materials and connections.

One set point
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Top mounting with float
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Side mounting, float operated and reed switch
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Side mounting, float operated and switch mechanism
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